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Two EPs and a new label

Long time no post. I’ve almost forgotten this site. Let’s change that, here’s some updates.

First of all, I have two EPs coming out. Step on it EP will come out the day after tomorrow (October 23rd) on Digital Empire Records! I am really pumped up about this release, as it is the great harsh and straight on Melodïcore we’ve been hearing lately. I’ll post links when it is out.

The second one called The End EP is a bit different though. There I have experimented with new kinds of stuff like chill wave and drumstep. There is something else there too however. It is getting released on a brand new label called Sergal Soundwaves. The EP will be out November 10th, and you can listen to it right now here or the player below.

Here are the cover arts. I hope you enjoy the releases, and keep on rocking!

Logo competition, album reminder and other stuff


Last week was a busy one. My album came out on every major platform on Monday, the logo competition ended, ASSEMBLY Summer was held from Thursday to Sunday, and I was the whole time with my girlfriend. Let’s talk about that.

First of all, the album. After two weeks being Beatport exclusive it released on all the other platforms, most important ones being iTunes, Amazon mp3 and Spotify (playlist below)

Second of all, ASSEMBLY Summer 2014. I was there, and I got the second place in the fast music compo. The idea is that you must make a complete track in 90 minutes, with a specific set of chords. You can listen to my entry here.

And lastly, the logo competition. You can already see the winning logo as the website logo and favicon. It was designed by Sanni “Lattianpesuaine” Holanti. The honorable mentions can be seen on my Facebook.

Melodïcore Logo

Website is live!

Welcome to the updated Melodïcore website! There are many new things in this site. We have now switched to a WordPress site, and have now news right on the site. We hope that you like the new design, and happy browsing!